First day... ....Last day.

20 June 2008


Today is the first day of summer. On the last day of summer, the day before the autumn equinox, I'm getting married. Just one season to go. A lot needs to happen - food, flowers, pretty clothes, cake, ice cream, sweet notes to friends and family. But all of that is sheer fun - I can hardly wait. Here's the cake I am totally inspired by, also homemade. Photo by Lisa Lefkowitz - see the full post here.

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Summer Coming Soon: Smoky Scallops and Ripe Tomatoes

29 April 2008


Sometimes I remember recipes that I've loved and forgotten - long buried in the archives and recipe files. Tonight I was thinking about this one, Smoky Scallops with Fennel and Tomato. It's a robust dish of strong flavors, and while this might seem a counterintuitive way to deal with the delicate and fragile scallop, I like the way its sweetness soaks up the smoked paprika and juices of fennel and ripe tomato.

Mmm - summer, come quick.

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A Collection of Mis-sses

9 April 2008


When I started to write about my cooking I made a little promise to myself to always be honest. It would be really easy to gloss over the fallen cakes and oversalted meals, the small domestic disasters that arise from too much faith in gut instinct and too little experience. And while I certainly don't choose to tell you about every misstep, there are some weeks that just filled with these misjudgments, and missteps and mistakes. Here's one of those weeks.

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Still here, and it's spring.


I don't do much with poor mekuno anymore, since I blog 8-10 times daily over at Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn. But I'm planning to give it new life by posting photos here that I can't slot in there, or recipes that don't quite fit.

I'm not making any promises, but mekuno will have a little more life from here on out (I think).

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Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (and a Bashful Apology)

5 June 2007


Whoa. I mean, whoa. It's been a long time, hasn't it? People, I have been meaning to post this recipe since Christmas.

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Pomegranates, Curry & Rice Pudding

7 December 2006


Well, I've been off in colder climes, doing various things. So here's a cheaterly sort of post - I'm going to just put up a list of some of the recipes I've posted lately over at The Kitchen, just to prove my industry.

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Good Thing: Yellow Cake with Ganache

16 November 2006


When I began this blog I swore that I wouldn't ever start a post by saying something like, wow! It's been a LONG TIME since I blogged here! Have you MISSED me? I bet you have. GEE. Here's a new post then. Chomp away.

No, I don't like that approach - it presumes that thousands of people have been waiting with bated breath for my next meandering post, and we all know that there are actually only about 8 of you. Well, maybe less, if you include the multiple times my mother checks for something new.

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Holiday Twists: Pumpkin-Coconut Ice Cream

3 November 2006


One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to dream up new ways to use the obligatory foods of the holiday season. There's something gratifying and even transgressive in departing from the traditional recipes and finding new ways to prepare pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, bread stuffing and cranberries.

I neglect to mention turkey, as I am one of those people who think turkey's only redeeming service is to offer up giblets and a warm gaping cavity to the creation of excellent stuffing.

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